Key West Treasure

You know, we have to look for fabric stores while on vacation.  It’s just in our blood!  So on a recent trip to Key West, we did a Google search and found a cute little store a few blocks off of Duvall Street called “The Seam Shoppe.”  So, one afternoon we drug Karen’s mostly good-natured husband along with us to hike down Duvall and turn left, hunting for our treasure.  Actually, he was in a great mood since we had just left the Key West Hammock Shop where he placed an order for a double hammock swing for their back yard.

Before too long, we spotted the little store across the street.  It was a bright and cheery place, although Karen and I both agree that the saleslady could have been a bit friendlier.  Maybe she had just seen too many tourists that day, and we weren’t quite as special as we thought we were!

If you quilters ever make it down to Key West, you should visit this store.  Especially if you want to make a quilt or other crafty item as a memento of your trip.  They have a lot of tropical quilt-weight cottons!  And maybe you will get a different salesperson.

Since we aren’t quilters, and we don’t have grandchildren, we hunt for garment fabric.  And right at the front door was this double-sided stand of some of the prettiest rayon we had ever seen!  Bright tropical colors, great for summer projects!  We walked around the stand handling and admiring the fabric with visions of tops, dresses, and skirts frolicking about in our heads.

While we drooled over this display, my brother-in-law ducked out in search of something a little more manly.  We took our selections to the cutting table, which meant our saleslady had to move the project she was working on to help us.  She made a small effort not to be annoyed.  Emphasis on small.  But we got six cuts of fabric between us, and a couple of patterns, and giggled our way out the door.

When we found our escort, he had just tested his masculinity by drinking “the world’s strongest coffee ever,” by his report.  On the way back to Duvall, we had to practically run to keep up with him and his caffeine buzz!

We have been home about three weeks now, and I don’t think either one of us have even pre-washed anything yet; but we will.  Since returning, we have been quite busy getting ready for our sewing classes, which started this week.  We will tell you all about the great time we had in our first classes next time!

And if we ever get to open the cute little fabric store that we talk about all the time, we promise to be friendly when you come to see us!  In the meantime, if you want to see some of what this place offers, they have an online store at tropicalfabricsonline.

We would love to hear about places you have been and found a fabric treasure! That would be good information to have before we plan another trip…