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Meet sisters Karen Golden Smith and Terri Golden DeFoor!

As a teenager, Terri learned to sew by choosing “How to Sew” patterns, and following the directions with micro-accuracy.  “I used my seam ripper as much as my shears and my sewing machine, and learned through a lot of trial and error,” explains Terri.  “By the time I graduated high school, I could sew any pattern in the pattern book.  I made dresses and jackets and swim suits and tailored men’s pants and sport coats.”

Terri has a bachelor’s degree in history and writing, with minor in business, from Mercer University.  She has been married to D.Jay for 35 years, and they now have an empty nest after raising two sons and a daughter.

Karen holds a Master’s degree in Family and Consumer Science from the University of Georgia.  Her career in education has included teaching home economics to high school students, including sewing, for fourteen years; she is now a middle school counselor, and is presently working on her Education Specialist Degree, also in school counseling. With a full time job and going to school, finding time to be creative is a challenge for Karen. She looks forward to her retirement in a little over four years. “I really do love my job, but my sewing machine is forever calling,” says Karen. “I manage to squeeze in a little time in my sewing room when I can.”

Karen has two daughters who are now both grown, on their own, and married. Having two girls to sew for all those years brought a great deal of joy to her life. Karen has been married for 29 years to her sweetheart, Walon.

Anyone who has spent just a few minutes with Terri and Karen together knows that they are close sisters, they love to laugh, and they both love to sew. Karen credits Terri for her inspiration in learning the craft as she watched her make so many nice outfits when they were just teens. However, it wasn’t until a few years later and some life experience before Karen began to see sewing for practicality, fun and creativity. Terri was always Karen’s “go-to” person and in many ways, she still is!

Golden Needles Designs is a business endeavor that these sisters have talked about launching for years.  They are offering beginning sewing courses beginning in June of 2012.  The studio will be open most Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for classes and open studio time.  They plan to offer other courses as time allows and interest grows.

If you live in the middle Georgia area, and would like more information on Golden Needles Design Studio and beginning sewing courses, they would love to hear from you!

To contact Terri and Karen for information on their classes, email them at:  golden-needles@cox.net.

Sisters Terri Golden DeFoor and Karen Golden Smith

Sisters Karen and Terri

17 thoughts on “about us

  1. We would like to take classes January 2013 and like to know more about your school. We are beginners. Thank you, Carmen Antonio Warner Robins Ga

  2. These women are incredible instructers and make the courses so much fun! The courses are step by step , I still use and refer to my course manual quite often for my projects at home, they go the extra mile to help you and you get one on one attention every class. I learned so much and truly enjoyed and looked forward to going to class every week. Thank you for teaching me so much and I can’t wait to take another class! There may be other places you could take a sewing course but, none compare to these!

  3. Do you have a beginners class for children? I got my daughter a sewing machine last year for Christmas and would like for her to learn how to use it. She is 12 years old.

    • Crystal, Thanks for your interest in our classes. We do not teach children, unless they have already been through some training in sewing, and are extremely self-motivated. However, if you will email us at golden-needles@cox.net with a request for information on children’s classes, I have a friend who offers children’s classes in Warner Robins. I’ll be happy to forward you her info.

  4. Good day,
    I am very interested in sewing classes, I am a beginner that has wanted to learn for years. I would appreciate information on future classes and prices. Thank you very much.

    • Debbie, we sure do! I just got an email from you as well, so Ill send you all the info. Thanks so much for your interest. Our students love our classes, and we love teaching them!

    • Janice, I am not sure if you ever got an email response from us. I apologize if that is the case. I will email you our 2015 schedule this evening. I hope you can join us for a class this year!

    • Thank you so much for your interest in our sewing classes! I will email you our 2015 schedule and details about our beginning sewing classes. Expect an email this evening. We would love to have you join us!

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