Jill the (Relatively) Reluctant

I’m Karen Golden Smith, the other half of Golden Needles.  My sister Terri is the one usually doing the blogging since I work full time as a school counselor.  I’m counting the days to my retirement.  I love my job, but I’m looking forward to putting more time into sewing and teaching sewing.

And this is my friend, Jill.  She’s the one photo-bombing the picture of my husband and me.

Karen and Walon, with photo-bombing Jill

Me and my husband Walon…and Jill

Here’s another one.  We go to a lot of UGA games together!  We both have a lot of red and black in our wardrobe.

Me and Jill enjoying UGA football season

Me and Jill enjoying UGA football season

We also go to the beach together with our husbands (I know, I know –  she is lots taller and blonder than me.)

We hang out together a lot

We hang out together a lot

We have been friends for years and years.  As a matter of fact, we met because our daughters became good friends when they were 12 years old.   They are now both 26.

So naturally, when she became a great friend of mine, she met Terri.  And we all became friends.  We even include our husbands and they are friends.  We go to church together and, pretty much, live our lives together.

Me and Terri with Jill

Me and Terri with Jill

When Terri and I began teaching sewing at Golden Needles Studio, she was just being nice when she said she’d sign up for our course.  Well, she actually debated with herself a while over the idea of taking the classes, but she wanted to help us out.  I think she was worried that we wouldn’t have anybody.  She’s our good friend, remember.  She said she had a machine a family member gave her in her house somewhere.  So, she thought she’d give it a go.  Now, it isn’t like Jill needed something to do.  She has a full-time job that is a thirty minute ride to get to every day.  She has family, and is involved in lots of other activities such as church, socializing, decorating her house and a few crafty things.   But she wanted to support her friends in this new endeavor, so she signd up.

You just never know what will happen when you open yourself up to something new.  For Jill, sewing quickly moved from being a nice thing to do for friends to something she was really enjoying.  At first, it was, “I think I’ll buy this little machine I saw online.  It is cute and pink and it is very reasonably priced.”  And so she got this in the mail:

Jill's Pink Machine

Jill’s Pink Machine

While Jill was in our classes, she made an apron, a pillow sham with button holes, a throw pillow with a zipper, and pajama pants.  And then, she signed up for the Level Two class!  She kind of liked this sewing thing.  And, she was getting good at it!

Not long ago, she and her husband moved into a new house.  This new house has a BONUS ROOM!  For Jill, it was an easy jump from BONUS ROOM to CRAFT ROOM!  She already had a Cricut machine.  The wheels were turning in Jill’s creative brain.  She thought, “hmmm, if I had one of those monogram machines I could make some cute baby items like those burp cloths I see.”  So, she ordered an embroidery machine.

Jill moved into the world of embroidery with this

Jill moved into the world of embroidery with this

And she made burp cloths and burp cloths and more burp cloths!  So, she began advertising them on facebook and they started selling like crazy.  And since Jill wants to put a new pool in her new back yard, I’ll bet she is busy figuring out how many burp cloths she needs to make and sell to call in the pool crew.

Burb Cloths

Burb Cloths

More Burp Cloths

More Burp Cloths

And More Burp Cloths

And More Burp Cloths

Recently, Jill went to her sister’s house for a sewing weekend.  (She is already going to sewing weekends!)  And she learned how to make those ruffled pants for little girls using her sister’s serger.  She came home and guess what she ordered? That’s right, a serger has been added to the craft room.

Jill's little serger is the latest addition to her Craft Room

Jill’s little serger is the latest addition to her Craft Room

And she has learned how to use the ruffling attachment so she can make lots of these:



These days Jill spends lots of time creating lots of projects!  She loves it.  And to think she signed up just to help out her old friends!  You know, you never know what creativity lies inside of you.

This summer, I anticipate Jill’s world will involve lots of sewing.  And maybe a little swimming, if those burp cloths keep flying off the shelves.

8 thoughts on “Jill the (Relatively) Reluctant

  1. I want to learn how to sew and I am a beginner, when does your next beginner class start I’m looking for a morning class and could you give me the times?

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