Learn to Sew Classes Going Great!

Karen demonstrates laying out the apron pattern while students gather around

Each class has met together three times now, and we are all having a great time! Our fantastic students are learning sewing skills, and everyone is enjoying the process.  We have made aprons and pillow shams, and the students have learned several basic skills.  After getting to know their machines, they have learned some basic fabric properties and how to lay out and cut out a pattern; several ways to mark fabric; how to use a loop turner and how to topstitch properly; how to finish a seam with a “mock serge” three step process; how to make a buttonhole and how to sew on a button using the sewing machine.  (Jenae was particularly excited about the button skill!)

These first two groups of students have been so much fun!  We love seeing them excited about new skills, and we could not be more proud of them!

Terri helps students get acquainted with their machines

We call Aunt Jan our “parapro.”

Jill’s apron turned out beautifully!

Elnora made her apron from vintage fabric from the stash her mother left her. What a beautiful way to remember her!

Sarah couldn’t quit smiling after putting on the apron she made all by herself! We were beaming too! Very proud of our student!

Martha plans to wear her bright and cheery cupcake apron in her church kitchen!

Everyone did a great job learning how to make buttonholes and sew on buttons while making pillow shams. Jill snapped this picture of hers in her guest bedroom. Beautiful!

If you live in the middle Georgia area, and would like to join us for a class, please let us know!  Email golden-needles@cox.net.

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